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Architectonics was formed by Thomas Stewart in 2001 as a full service architecture firm.   The word Architectonics means  "the art and science of building" .   That is what we strive to provide.  Many firms lean either toward one extreme or the other, we are about creating beautiful sensitive places but also in providing our clients with projects that incorporate the best practices in construction.


The unique part of our approach is that we believe its is best to stay small.  That may sound counter intutitve but having worked in one of the top 50 firms in size in the country for a number of years, I know that size has some benifits but not the ones I feel are most important.

To stay small allows a client to have a principal in the firm not only at meetings but involved in every aspect of your project.  This daily interaction and fullness of involvement in the spectrum of practice is what attracted most architects to the practice in the first place.  My approach is not to wear many hats but to wear one.  The hat of an architect.  Part artist, businessman, scientist, politician, salesman, sculptor and friend. 


Since our beginning we’ve focused on these three actions to point the way. Our design focus is one of innovation, pursued with a pervasive collaborative spirit in everything we do. At Architectonics, we value the diversity of every individual and seek to harness their unique skills in the pursuit of design excellence. We constantly cross-pollinate ideas, experience and technology to create the best design solutions for our clients.Our work reflects a passion for the spirit of our age. Engaged in an iterative process of interaction, investigation, critique and evolution, we create elegant, timeless solutions that mature gracefully. In partnership with our clients, we design award-winning projects that make a lasting contribution to our communities.


Our goal is to create beautiful places with lasting value for the communities they serve. Design is the creative focus of our process — a collaboration that brings together citizens, economists, engineers, architects, developers, policy makers, government officials and builders to construct their collective visions for the future.Our designs build on the unique character and positive qualities of each place. Working at many scales, we coordinate the design of individual buildings; the public spaces they help create; the neighborhoods, towns and cities of which they are a part and the regional culture they celebrate.We’re committed to protecting the environment, a commitment we fulfill by incorporating sustainable principles and responsible practices.  This responsibility inspires individual actions that enhance health and foster a continuing commitment to ongoing sustainability.That is our mission. As individuals and as a team, we have this sense of purpose in common, and we apply it diligently and passionately to help guide us in defining, with our clients, the objectives for each project we undertake.

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